McKenna Faith Winters records new country songs at T.V.R. Recording Studios!

McKenna Faith Winters has just recorded some new music at T.V.R. Recording Studios as well as in studios in Nashville! She is a rising country singer and is doing an amazing job! Watch for McKenna Faith Winters new music on streaming platforms everywhere!

Dawn Ledesma records new song “Have Faith In God”!

Dawn Maria Ledesma knocks it out of the park once again as she sings her heart out for the song “Have Faith In God”! The project is turning out amazing and we couldn’t be happier! Produced by Chris Semmelroth and engineered by Jason Zarnowski at T.V.R. Recording Studios in Rockford, Illinois.

Evelyn Aldaco records new music!!

Evelyn Aldaco in the studio tracking her new song “Dearest Evelyn”!! Watch for this song to hit streaming platforms everywhere!!

Liza Sanchez finishes bass for the new Patchwork album “Scars”!!

That’s a wrap on bass! Finished tracking the last song tonight. Thanks so much to the incomparable Liza Sanchez for lending us your amazing talent! It’s taking forever but we think we have something pretty special in the making…

Abe Vaughn tracking new album “Renewed”!!

Abe Vaughn has been tracking his new album “Renewed” at T.V.R. Recording Studios with producer Jason Zarnowski. The album is shaping up great!! Watch for this to be released sometime in the very near future!!


Azik Weisheit stopped in to put the finishing touches on his album “Years In The Making”! The project turned out great! Watch for the album to drop in the very near future!


T.V.R. Recording Studios is proud to be nominated for studio of the year for this year’s ROCKFORD AREA MUSIC INDUSTRY Awards 2023! Thanks so much for making us a staple of the Rockford area music community!

BLIND PANIK working on new album at T.V.R. Recording Studios!!

BLIND PANIK have been hard at work on their new album at T.V.R. Recording Studios!! Everything is sounding great and we couldn’t be happier! Stay tuned for more updates!

Joe Irving releases new album “On My Own”

Joe Irving has been hard at work and has released his new album “On My Own”. Check out the album available on streaming sites everywhere!

Joe Irving releases new album “Single by Choice”!

Joe Irving has just released his brand new album “Single by Choice”. The album was produced and recorded by Jason Zarnowski at T.V.R. Recording Studios. The album is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and streaming and download sites everywhere! Check it out! YouTube Music: https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_nNyFAPh_fdBByaWxOjFOf49gq7my4te2g&feature=share Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/5AC4LYrTG3Mu8zizGdeuqK?si=udhZ1SYCRhSUP0irSZ6aXw Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/single-by-choice/1667178931