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Jilla G recording new album at T.V.R. Recording Studios!!

Hip Hop master Jilla G has been recording his new mixtape at T.V.R. Recording Studios!!  The songs are turning out amazing and everyone is totally pleased with the results!!  Watch for Jilla G to be shooting a new video soon!!  Watch for the new album coming later this year!!

Hip Hop artist Oe’L tracks new single “Toes” at T.V.R. Recording Studios!!

Hip Hop prodigy Oe’L has just finished tracking his new song “Toes” at T.V.R. Recording Studios!!  Everyone is excited about the project and Oe’L has delivered one heck of a single!!  Watch for more stuff coming from Oe’L!!

Susan Aquila’s “Sooper Gurl” Single recorded at T.V.R. Recording Studios is taking radio by storm!!

Susan Aquila’s latest single “Sooper Gurl” (produced and recorded at T.V.R. Recording Studios) is taking the world by storm!!  The hot new single is being spun worldwide by stations everywhere!! ★105.9FM The Hog (U.S.) ★Rock Hard Radio (U.S.) ★Radio of the Treasure Coast (U.S.) ★Real Time Music Network (U.S.) ★3R Radio (U.S.) ★KWPR West Coast…

Rob Tomaro records hit single “Don’t Open ‘Till Christmas” at T.V.R. Recording Studios!!

Check out the new rock/pop song produced and directed by Jason Zarnowski at T.V.R. Recording Studios for Rob Tomaro called “Don’t Open ‘Till Christmas” which is becoming a smash radio hit worldwide!!