MASTER PLAN begin tracking new album!

MASTER PLAN has just entered the studio and have been working hard on tracking their new album! Everything is turning out amazing and we couldn’t be more excited!

New MASTER PLAN “Stormin’ the Castle” CD out now!

Curt Lewis stopped by and dropped off the brand-new Master Plan “Stormin’ the Castle” CD (recorded, mixed, mastered and engineered by Jason Zarnowski at T.V.R. Recording Studios) that turned out amazing!! Curt produced the album and did his vocal tracks in one take (the scratch track vocals were so good we kept them!!). The band did an amazing job tracking this…

MASTER PLAN tracking new album with Jason Zarnowski at T.V.R. Recording Studios!

MASTER PLAN have been hard at work tracking their new album with producer Jason Zarnowski at the helm at T.V.R. Recording Studios!!  Everything is sounding awesome and everyone is thrilled with the new production!!  Stay tuned for more developments!!