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THE SPARROW in the studio crushing it on 4 brand-new tracks!

THE SPARROW have entered the studio withe engineer/producer Jason Zarnowski for their new 4 song E.P.!  The sound is incredible!  This instrumental 2 piece has the power and drive to please the palate of any listener of heavy music!  Watch for the new E.P. to drop soon!

The band Monroe finalize the mix for their self-titled EP!!

The band Monroe finalize the mix for their self-titled EP with producer Jason Zarnowski!!  Everything sounds incredible!! Watch for a release in a the very near future!!

Too Deep, Pairadice, and Amanee Avery putting the finishing touches on their compilation EP!!

TOO DEEP, PAIRADICE, and AMANEE AVERY have just put the finishing touches on their 5 song EP with producer/engineer Jason Zarnowski at T.V.R. Recording Studios.  The E.P. compilation album will be released by Deep End Productions!!  The product sounds absolutely incredible and can’t wait for everyone to hear it!!

Janet Gardner of Vixen solo album out now!!

Janet Gardner OF Vixen’s NEW ALBUM has been released everywhere WORLDWIDE via Pavement Entertainment (US) and Eternal Sound Records (Europe!) T.V.R. Recording Studios had a lot of fun working on this project!!! We are extremely excited for everyone to hear the final product! Be sure to pick up your NEW COPY!

Beat the heat and book your Spring and Summer recording projects today!!

Summer is a great time to get a new song, EP, or Full-Length album out!  Summer vacations, concerts, festivals, outdoor events, you name it!  It’s a great time to network and give to your fans, friends, and family!  Give them something you can be proud of!  Get in touch with us to book your upcoming project…