Nacho Chz and High C with producer Jason Zarnowski lay down vocals for the Hip Hop single “Pull-up” at T.V.R. Recording Studios!!

Hip Hop artist HIGH C featuring NACHO CHZ on his new single “Pull-Up” with producer Jason Zarnowski at T.V.R. Recording Studios!!  This song turned out amazing!!

T.V.R. Recording Studios finishes up the mix and master for The James Carratt Project!!

Producer/Engineer Jason Zarnowski has finished the mix and master for The James Carratt Project!!  This country-themed album contains songs from several local, regional, and national artists!!  The album turned out great and is getting a ton of great reviews, airplay, and media!!  Check out the album on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and all your favorite…

Jason Zarnowski of T.V.R. Recording Studios mixes and masters The James Carratt Project!!

Jason Zarnowski is putting on the final touches on “The James Carratt Project”!!  The new full-length country/rock album contains tracks from artists both regionally and throughout the U.S.!!  Jason Zarnowski has put the final edits, mixes, and masters on the project!!  The new album will be dropping soon on Vinyl as well as distributed through…

The James Carratt Project being mixed and mastered by T.V.R. Recording Studios!!

T.V.R. Recording Studios is mixing and mastering The James Carratt Project which is going to be a full album of music from musicians from the Midwest and Greater U.S.!!  The project is turning out amazing and everyone is overjoyed with the results!!  Watch for the new album to drop this Fall!!