Rob Tomaro “Our Own Christmas” Video directed and edited by Jason Zarnowski at T.V.R. Recording Studios!

Rob Tomaro has just put out a video for his song “Our Own Christmas” just in time for the holidays!  The video was shot, directed, and edited by Jason Zarnowski at T.V.R. Recording Studios and we couldn’t be happier with the results!  Check out the video for Rob Tomaro “Our Own Christmas” now on YouTube!

T.V.R. Recording Studios helps land “The James Carratt Project” multi-RAMI awards!

This is Jason Zarnowski of T.V.R. Recording Studios holding his RAMI awards for his work on The James Carratt Project! Jason also did the final mix and master of “Soldiers Coming Home”!

PRINCESS DEBBIE records 2 brand new tracks at T.V.R. Recording Studios!

PRINCESS DEBBIE has just recorded 2 brand new tracks at T.V.R. Recording Studios!  Everything is sounding amazing!  Watch for new music from Princess Debbie to drop soon!

In the studio working with HOLLYWOOD TRE on his new mixtape!

HOLLYWOOD TRE has just completed his new mixtape “6 Feet” with engineer Jason Zarnowski at T.V.R. RECORDING STUDIOS!  The project has turned out awesome and we couldn’t be happier!  

New MASTER PLAN “Stormin’ the Castle” CD out now!

Curt Lewis stopped by and dropped off the brand-new Master Plan “Stormin’ the Castle” CD (recorded, mixed, mastered and engineered by Jason Zarnowski at T.V.R. Recording Studios) that turned out amazing!! Curt produced the album and did his vocal tracks in one take (the scratch track vocals were so good we kept them!!). The band did an amazing job tracking this…

KV-FINN Ft. DOM DAVE in the studio recording vocals for the song “Black German”!!

KV-FINN Ft. DOM DAVE have entered the studio to record vocals for their fresh new Hip Hop track “Black German”!  Vocals for this one are amazing!  Keep on the look out for the new track to drop soon!

K in the studio doing vocals for the single “Smooth Criminal”!

“K” just hit the studio and tracked an awesome new Hip Hop single “Smooth Criminal” with engineer Jason Zarnowski at T.V.R. Recording Studios!  Check out music from “K” on social media and digital outlets!

THE SPARROW in the studio crushing it on 4 brand-new tracks!

THE SPARROW have entered the studio withe engineer/producer Jason Zarnowski for their new 4 song E.P.!  The sound is incredible!  This instrumental 2 piece has the power and drive to please the palate of any listener of heavy music!  Watch for the new E.P. to drop soon!

New TANTRIC album “Mercury Retrograde” album mastered by Jason Zarnowski at T.V.R. Recording Studios available now!

Troy from Tantric has his copy from Walmart of the new Tantric album “Mercury Retrograde”. Do you have yours? Available NOW worldwide at Walmart, Meijer, and other retailers on cd! The new TANTRIC album “Mercury Retrograde” (Pavement Entertainment) is finally available!  Mastered by Jason Zarnowski at T.V.R. Recording Studios!  We couldn’t be prouder of these guys!  Check out the…

Oe’L and Davian in the studio for Oe’L’s recording of 2 new HipHop bangers “Rack it Up” and “Where You At??”!

Up and coming hip hop prodigies Oe’L and Davian have entered the studio yet again with Producer/Engineer Jason Zarnowski for 2 hot new tracks “Rack it Up” and “Where you At??” at T.V.R. Recording Studios!  Watch for new music to drop soon!